What good are you doing when you join the 2021 Walk For Good Camino de Santiago Challenge?

The Walk for Good Challenge will motivate you to walk or run 485mi/780 km, using the Camino for Good Virtual Camino app to track your distance virtually along the Camino de Santiago . A full pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago Frances route generally lasts at least 30 days and sometimes as long as 50 days. We are walking and raising money for the amazing people who host pilgrims on their 480-mile journey.

Pilgrim hostels, known as albergues, shelter and feed pilgrims at a low daily cost. For instance, most albergues charge only 5 to 12 euros per day. In addition, donativos, or donation-only hostels, allow you to pay only what you can afford. They turn no one away.

This year the pandemic left the albergue owners with no revenue to pay their bills or renovate their establishments to make it safe.

No Pilgrims + No Money

How will they survive if we don’t help?

It’s really pretty easy for you to help. Just sign up for this amazing challenge and your fees will go to help the albergues. And in turn, you will be helping hundreds of thousands of pilgrims in years to come because they will have a place to lay their heads and eat a meal.

Thanks for considering our challenge. Buen Camino!