Hi there! Welcome to the Walk for Good Virtual Camino de Santiago Challenge. This is a challenge for walkers, runners and hikers who are looking for some motivation, inspiration and a 2021 goal to conquer.

Camino for Good Virtual Camino is a virtual hike across the Camino de Santiago in northwest Spain that millions of pilgrims have crossed over the last 1,000 years.

In the Walk for Good Challenge, you can push yourself to hike the 485 mi/ 780 km to Santiago from the comfort of your own neighborhood in either 3, 6, or 12 months

With the craziness of 2020 behind us, you can dive into challenging your body, mind and soul. The Virtual Camino app not only tracks your distance, it shows you photos of Spain, allows you to join groups with your friends and stamps your virtual passport as you unlock the 200 Spanish hamlets and cities.

Here are five reasons you should take on this challenge!

  1. Challenge Your Body. The app syncs with and uses your fitness tracker to track your miles. This is a 480 mile trek and by the end, you will be in much better shape. Who doesn’t want to feel better?
  2. Renew Your Soul. Get inspired with audio stories from pilgrims who have hiked the Camino de Santiago. What question do you have in your life that you need to work on? This is the time. Use this as a spiritual journey as you safely walk at home.
  3. Connect with Your Community. You can form private groups on the app from within your hiking and running groups. It’s important you will feel supported as you work to achieve your goal of 3,6,9, or 12 month completion.
  4. Connect with the World. During a time when many of us are sheltering at home, this is an opportunity to connect with runners and hikers around the world. We currently have hikers from 8 different countries!
  5. Help Save Hostels. As you hike and bring along your friends to join you, know that your registration fee is doing good. 75% of net income for the hike will go to Spain’s hostel owners who have struggled to survive the pandemic restrictions and shutdowns. You are Walking for Good!

Sign up for the challenge today!