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Our Mission Statement

Supporting the walkways of the world, while bringing Camino spirit to people along the way.

The New Camino for Good Giving Model

When we founded Camino for Good in the summer of 2020 we knew that we wanted it to be a positive force in a world stricken by pain and grief.  We hoped to bring the joy, community, and perseverance of the Camino Spirit to people around the world through our virtual Camino experience. On top of that, we determined that a fundamental purpose of Camino for Good would be giving back to the Camino de Santiago, a journey that had touched each of our lives as pilgrims ourselves. Over time, we have come to define this important tenet of Camino for Good as our “For Good” Mission. 

Initially, the good that we could do through our For Good Mission was obvious to us. Facing a halt in travel amidst the pandemic, the selfless albergue owners who provide homes to pilgrims asking for little in return, suddenly found themselves in dire situations. For the first year of our business operations, we committed to giving 75% of our net income to albergue owners to help cover basic expenses, like rent and electricity, just long enough to stay afloat until the Camino reopened. We are proud and so thankful to say that we were able to give away a total of over $74,000 USD to 24 albergues to achieve just that. 

Now, we are starting to see vaccinated pilgrims trickle back to The Way, and the light at the end of the tunnel seems brighter than ever. Albergue relief fund applications are no longer pouring in. Additionally, we’ve been overwhelmed with the impact Camino for Good has had on our virtual walkers, and we want to ensure the sustainability of the company to welcome as many people into the Camino for Good community as possible for years to come. 

For these reasons, we are changing our For Good Mission model. We are no longer committing 75% of our net income to relief funds for albergues. Instead, we are starting a need-based grant program for any expenses related to the Camino de Santiago. If you’re a pilgrim who needs help purchasing gear, if you’re an albergue owner who needs help paying for renovations for damages or starting a new albergue, this is a resource for you. This grant program will be funded by sales of routes on our Camino for Good Virtual Walking App. As always, we promise to be transparent and honest. 


Thank you to everyone who made our dream a reality by walking with Camino for Good and helping us support albergue owners through this unprecedented period. Now, please see our new For Good Mission page to learn more about how we could possibly make your dream a reality through the For Good Grant Program. 


Buen Camino

As a for-profit public benefit corporation, Camino for Good balances mission with profits. Our mission in 2020 was to help Camino de Santiago albergues survive that period of hardship until the Camino fully reopened and their income from serving pilgrims returned. We did this by providing financial support in the form of relief funds that help cover fixed expenses, including rent, electricity, and water.

$74,600 USD

given in relief funds in 2020!

Why Camino for Good?

  • The CfG founders have all walked Caminos. We understand that albergues are always there for you when you arrive at their door, dirty and exhausted after a day-long hike. In 2020, it was our turn to be there for them.
  • Our goal was to send enough relief funds to albergue owners so they can cover their basic living expenses during this challenging time. Hopefully, this will give them the needed boost to be ready to reopen when hikers return.
  • Walking the Virtual Camino will inspire you physically and spiritually. All of our 2020 pilgrims know that they helped the Camino survive this difficult period with each step they took.

Effects of COVID-19 on the Camino

The global pandemic has deeply affected both pilgrims and albergue owners. International and domestic travel within Spain is severely restricted, which leaves hostel owners with no income and pilgrims with no refuge.

Hikers from around the world of all ages are able to complete this long journey thanks to the giving spirit of Camino albergues, many of which are donation only. But now, many albergues find themselves in a dire financial situation as they approach an entire year of little to no income. For instance, many are unable to cover basic living expenses. Some are unsure whether they will be able to open ever again. In light of these challenges, our mission is to keep the Camino Spirit alive by sending relief funds to these struggling albergues. We hope that they can continue their passion for supporting hikers along the Camino as a result.

Relief Fund Recipients

Ana Mari Barrios Carmona
Albergue Van Gogh
Zafra, Spain

Acacio & Orietta
Refugio de Peregrinos
Violoria de Rioja

Jessica & Marijn Voogt
Albergue Ecologico el Beso
Lugo, Spain

Manuel Santos
Villa San Clemente
Tui, Spain

Bruno Bernoni
Albergue San Bruno
Moratinos, Spain

Mike de Ayala
La Rosa del Agua
Acebo, Spain

Susi Swain & Fermin
Casa Susi
Trabadelo, Spain

Ernesto Diaz
Casa de las Sonrisas
Grañón, Spain

Albergue Turistico Salceda
Salceda, Spain

Marcelo Ramos Einloft
Albergue a Casina di Marcello
Palas de Rei, Spain

Enrico Biolcati
Albergue Dois Caminhos
Valada, Portugal

Paula Castro
Quinta da Burra
Porto de Muge, Portugal

Pierre Tremblay
Albergue Emaus en Burgos
Burgos, Spain

Natan de Souza
La Fuente Albergue
Liginde, Spain

Jan Bouwman
Oasis Trails
Villamayor de Monjardin, Spain

Lalo Alvarez
Albergue El Paso
Vega de Valcarce

Maria Cecilla
Casa Licerio
Samos, Spain

Albergue Fontenonaya
Salas, Spain

Filiberto & Lili
Albergue Turistico de Sabre
Cubo de Tierra Del Vino, Spain

Javier Maderuelo
Albergue Camynos
Ambasmestas, Spain

Kim Narenkivicius
The Stone Boat
Rabanal de Camino, Spain

Neill Le Roux
The Abbey
Ilarrate, Spain

Juanma & Paloma
Albergue Cirauqui – Casa Maralotx
Cirauqui, Spain

Albergue Casa de Carmen
Barbadelo, Spain

Get to know these wonderful hospitaleros

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