About Us

About James

Magnifying the potential of managers and organizations is James Gehrke's mission & passion. As the founder of a leadership effectiveness development organization, he has developed leadership training solutions for both large & small organizations addressing dozens of topics. James has worked with organizations in 55+ countries on five continents. As your pilgrimage "guide" his goal is to magnify the potential of every individual, team & organization he works with.

James has an undergraduate degree in Organizational Communications and Spanish Language and Culture. His Masters is in Management and Leadership, and he is currently a doctoral student of Pilgrimage and Spirituality Ministry. He has extensive international experience working for some of the world’s leading organizations, as well has having lived and worked for over nine years in Spain and Puerto Rico. He loves history, nature, Spanish language and culture, religion/spirituality, and of course, long, reflective pilgrimages of enlightenment!

About Angela

Angela Gehrke, MSW, LCSW

Therapist and Pilgrim Coach

As a licensed counselor, Angela is passionate about helping and supporting individuals on their journey of self-awareness and personal growth and development.

Angela embraces the saying, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Life can be hard and unfair, and she believes we are all doing the best we’ve learned how. As a therapist, her goal is to sensitively listen and help clients identify their strengths and resources, and also identify the obstacles holding them back from further growth. There are many factors that influence the way we think, feel and behave. Angela uses a compassionate, hopeful approach to help individuals process their experiences and develop adaptive ways to cope and thrive.

Angela has an undergraduate degree in Family Science and Human Development. She holds a Master of Social Work degree and is a Certified Social Worker providing therapy to individuals, couples, teens, and families. Angela has lived 10 years in Europe including England, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. She loves working on the farm in Payson, Utah, sheep, goats, and chickens, walking the dogs, cycling and pickleball.