The Camino for Good Virtual Camino

What is the Camino For Good Virtual Camino?

The Camino for Good Virtual Camino is an App that can be accessed via a browser from your phone or desktop computer using a browser such as Chrome or Safari. Or, once you have signed up, can be downloaded from the Android or Apple store.

The idea is that you undertake to walk in your local area and each day you log your distance into the App. You will see your equivalent progression along the Camino Frances on the interactive map where you can get a real feel for the landscape and village life of the regions you pass through. The total distance of the Virtual Camino Frances is 485 mi/ 780 km.

As a way of keeping you motivated, the App has rich content in the form of over 2,000 photos, audio stories, local history and motivational quotes that get unlocked as you virtually travel through the 207 destinations along the way.

How can I access the Virtual Camino App once I have signed up?

There are a number of ways to use the virtual Camino App.
It can also be accessed from your phone or Desktop using a browser (Chrome or Safari recommenced) and  signing into https://app.caminoforgood.com using the same account (Google or Facebook) you signed up with.

Can I try the App before I buy it?

Yes you certainly can. We offer a fully featured free trial which allows you to walk for 5mi/8kms before being asked to pay.

Follow this link Virtual Camino App Free Trial

If you want to breeze straight through you can pay right here

Do I have to finish within a certain amount of time?

No. We only have recommendations on how far to walk each day with a goal in mind. Setting a goal is always great but the Virtual Camino is for you, and you decide how long you would like to take.
If you want a recommendation here are a few choices. 5 miles per day = 100 days; 3 miles per day = 167 days; 2 miles per day = 250 days

Do I have to walk every day?

No, go at your own pace, just as you would on the Camino. However it is the daily ritual of walking that brings the Camino spirit out. The discipline and the practice makes way for the clearing of the mind.

How do I enter a distance?

You can enter your progress by inputting the distance manually or by syncing with a fitness tracker. As of now, the Virtual Camino app is compatible with Fitbit and Apple HealthKit.

Do I have to enter my distance walked the same day I walk them?

No, enter at your convenience but we recommend entering them daily because it will unlock new photos, stories, history of the towns, walking tips and inspirational quotes. If you enter a lot of miles in one day you might miss some great content. Of course, it’s easy enough to review all your destinations.

Can I enter either miles or kilometers?

Yes, in your settings you can determine which measure to use.

How do I know the distance I have walked in my local area?

Some people use fitness trackers Like Fitbit or Apple Watch to record their daily distance.
If you don’t have a fitness tracker a rule of thumb is 3miles/4km per hour of walking time.

How do you verify what I have walked?

We don’t verify how far you have travelled. It’s completely up to you.

What if I forget my log in information?

Your log in information will be related to your Google or Facebook accounts and you will use those credentials to sign in to your account.

Can I do it more than once?

Of course, many people walk the same Camino more than once. In fact, most pilgrims walk away from their first Camino knowing they will be back. We hope this virtual experience is the first step toward you walking the Camino in Spain. As Camino For Good develops we will be offering other virtual walks for you to do.


How much does it cost?

The one-time fee for signing up for the App is $60 USD.

You may choose to pay by subscription at $12 USD per month which will mean a lower initial signup fee and the option to opt out anytime.

Other currencies are subject to the exchange rate at time of payment (approx $85 AUD, €55).

From time to time we run campaigns and offer reduced costs using a coupon code.


What $ currency are prices in?

All $ prices quoted on the Camino for Good site are in United States Dollars (USD).

Please check the exchange rate prior to purchase. There are many currency conversion tools on the internet available by typing ‘currency converter’ into Google. Below is one we have previously found that may be useful.


How much of my sign up fee goes to albergues?

Camino for Good commits 75% of our net profit to supporting Camino de Santiago albergue (hostel) owners. Our goal is to be able to cover all the costs of developing, operating and supporting the Virtual Camino experience as it evolves. Once costs are covered our primary aim is to support the albergues through this difficult time. It is important to us to remain transparent about how your registration fees are being used, and will publicize the allocation of our funds regularly.

Is it tax deductible?

We are a For Profit Benefit Corporation and therefore your fee is not tax deductible. Setting up as a For Profit Benefit Corp. allows us to help for profit businesses, as many of the Camino albergues are for-profit organizations.

Camino de Santiago

What is the Camino de Santiago?

The word ‘Camino’ is simply Spanish for ‘Way’ so the Camino de Santiago translates to the ‘Way of St. James’.

During the Middle Ages, the Camino was responsible for the largest movement of people in Europe: millions of people, both rich and poor, made their way to Santiago de Compostela, where the pilgrim mass and certificate of pilgrimage ensured they would spend less time in purgatory.

In modern times, the Camino spirit is kept alive by hundreds of thousands of people coming yearly from almost every country and every spiritual faith in the world. The reasons people start the pilgrimage varies. A common experience many seem to attest is their pilgrimage has had healing and therapeutic benefits.

There are many different routes through Spain that all end up at Santiago de Compostela. The most popular one is the Camino Francés that starts in the French village of St. Jean Pied de Port at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains and travels for approximately 780km/485miles (depending on any alternate routes you take).

Can you help me if I decide to walk the actual Camino de Santiago?

Of course, we are all pilgrims who have walked several different Caminos and we would love the opportunity to help you get started with advice and guide you to other great sources of information.

Camino for Good the Business

Are you a charity?

No, Camino for Good is a For Profit Public Benefit Corporation. This corporate structure allows us to balance social benefits with stakeholder profit and prioritize our mission. You can read our full business transparency statement here.

Camino for Good’s mission statement is Caring for the walkways of the world, while bringing the Camino spirit to people along the way. 

In line with this mission, we are pledging 75% of our net income to supporting Camino de Santiago albergues (hostel owners) through this difficult time.

What does the other 25% of your net income go to?

In the Camino for Good business plan, 25% of net income is held in capital reserve for future product development and return on investment for the founders.

How can I be sure my money is supporting albergues?

Camino for Good is committed to transparency. We share our relief fund distributions regularly via email, blog posts, and social media. You can see our latest relief fund distribution updates on the Our Impact page.

We’re working hard to keep our costs low so we can maximize our relief funds given to albergues.

If you’re still skeptical, we’re happy to answer any questions. You can contact us here.

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