The March to Santiago is designed for those of you seeking hope and healing from these traumatic days. We all know how hard 2020 was. For many people, 2021 is also starting off with isolation and fear.

Pilgrims from all over the world started walking with Camino for Good in January on our Walk for Good Challenge. Because of these hikers and their purchase of the app, we have given hope to five albergues (Spanish pilgrim hostels) through donations of over $24,000.

Doing good….feels good!

Start where you are.  Whether you are celebrating your Lenten season, or you are seeking motivation to get healthier, or you are seeking spiritual growth and healing, we want to spend March 1 to July 30 virtually walking with you to Santiago. And every week, we’ll provide you with inspirational idea guide for hope and healing.  All pilgrims currently using the app on March 1 are welcome. You must sign up to receive these updates!

How does it work?

Download the app by March 1, 2021, grab some friends and a mask, and get your walking shoes on. We have a blog post with tips for what you can do to get ready.

A portion of your app purchase goes to the albergues who are now faced with being closed down through the spring of 2021, possibly the summer.

Why 150 days?

When we step off on March 1, the pace of 3 virtual miles per day puts us in Santiago for the Holy Year’s Feast of St. James. This is a grand festival with music, prayer, worship and amazing sites. This was our motivation for choosing the timeline.

What can I expect?

  1. Every Sunday, you will receive an email with inspirational activities to do throughout the week. Sign up here. 
  2. Each walk you enter your mileage in the app and you unlock new towns along the way, the photos of the walk and sometimes you will hear inspirational audio stories from real pilgrims.
  3. Bring your friends along on the journey with you either virtually or in person, safely distancing of course.
  4. Follow each other on the app by using the group feature. Click on your friend’s name to see where they are on the map.