The Walk for Good Challenge is the best way to start your 2021

If you are looking for a physical and/or spiritual challenge, the 2021 Walk for Good Camino de Santiago Challenge is for you. This is your challenge at your pace, just like the real Camino de Santiago. Walk or run 485 mi/780 km in your local area. Choose your time frame, 3,6 or 12 months and join people from around the world on a virtual walk of a lifetime. On January 15th, like-minded individuals looking for a bit of adventure and a dose of motivation are heading out on the Camino Frances, on their way to one of the holiest cities in all of Europe, Santiago de Compostela, all virtually. How cool is that!

By why do we challenge ourselves? Some challenges hit us, unexpected and unwelcomed. We have all had our share of those this past year. Other challenges we actually seek out and for some reason feel we need. Why? What is it about human nature that fuels this desire to encumber our selves with additional challenges beyond what daily life is already throwing our way?

For some it might be the need for a goal. The satisfaction of accomplishment. Of knowing we pushed ourselves beyond what we might have otherwise thought we could. 

For others, challenges help us build in benchmarks that keep us motivated and moving forward

In the end maybe it’s a bit of all of that. A challenge allows us to dream of something that at first might seem a bit unrealistic, like walking 500 miles across Spain to Santiago de Compostela. It’s the thought of finishing and looking back and being proud, humbled, inspired and maybe even a bit confused on what exactly you just did and why. Accomplishing a challenge allows us to dream a bit and for some brief moment escape a little.

The best part about a challenge is that it’s all yours. No need to explain or justify it to anyone but yourself.  This past year has given us all some challenges, and it seems the year to come will as well.  Guess that’s just life. 

But the Walk for Good Camino de Santiago Virtual Challenge is one we can choose for ourselves. You can accomplish it at home and help others afar all at the same time. Start the year challenging yourself to walk across Spain, virtually.  Letting us help you along the way.  Showing you sights, sounds and writings all from the Camino as you go. 

In the end, whether that be 3 or 12 months from now, you will look back with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. All the while knowing you had a part in helping keep an albergue open and viable because 75% of Camino for Good’s net profits go to the albergues (pilgrim hostels) to help them survive this difficult period.

So come join us. We start January 15th. Over the Pyrenees, through Pamplona, across the Mesetta and into Santiago.  It’s all out there waiting for you and it is one heck of a challenge to start the new year with.

Buen Camino

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Bill Austin
Bill Austin

Camino for Good Co-founder