Dear Pilgrim in Waiting,

READY, SET…..WAIT! Are you ready to log your miles/km? Well…..so are we!
The app is simply not yet released andthe app is where you will log your miles/km.
Our challenge is the Camino for Good smartphone app is still in review at the Apple and Android stores. For now, please keep track of your miles/km and keep walking. It could be any minute. As soon as we have the app to release, you will receive an email.
Once again, the Camino seems to want to teach us the need to accept what we cannot always control. This lesson is something the Camino instills in us early on and something that we actually come to expect, and even in some ways relish, as we walk: Life’s little curves😊.
However, we really didn’t expect the Camino to decide just now, during our launch, to teach us this important lesson again! Another little subtle reminder from the Camino of just how important that lesson really is.
Hang in there. It’s a long way to Santiago and we are all going to get there eventually, promise!

Thank you for your patience!

Buen Camino
Kelly, Lindsay, Shay, Susan, Bill