NOTE – The information about the Virtual Camino app contained in this post is historic for archival purposes only. As of the date of writing, the App is now fully functional across multiple platforms including desktop and available as an App Store download for iPhone and Android.

When a pilgrim cries Ultreia!” to his fellow travelers, it is with the intention to encourage others toward some “beyond,” to succeed at something. When crying “Ultreia!”, a pilgrim actually says “Let’s keep going! Let’s go beyond!”  

With much excitement, we are happy to say the much anticipated day has arrived and the mobile-only website is ready for you to begin your journey at https://app.caminoforgood.com . We recommend bookmarking the link or storing this link in a safe place on your phone so that you can easily access it any time.  

This is a fully functioning mobile-only website meaning you will not need to download an app from the app store and it will not work on your laptop. These features will be available at a later date.  There is very important information in the two videos below and they will help you familiarize yourself with the features of the virtual camino experience.  Remember, our team of dedicated pilgrims is standing by for questions so please let us know by emailing . A screenshot of any problems will help (if possible) and if you could tell us what sort of phone you are using, that would be great.  You are now part of a growing family assisting albergues as they strive to remain open for when the camino is hosting global visitors again.  

We are excited to share our camino with you and look forward to seeing you along the way.  

Buen Camino! Ultreia!  

Susan, Shaylyn, Kelly, Bill and Lindsay