First of all, I am addressed as Rabbi Nancy.

I am 69 years old. I wanted to do the Camino for many years. 

When did you start using the Camino for Good app? 

I started this on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. My goal was to be in Santiago by the Inauguration of our new president. I got there one day late, which wasn’t bad.

How many days did it take you to “walk the Camino”?  How many miles do you average in a day?

I did about 4 miles a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. All of it around my home in Philadelphia.

I had a partner, my 38 year old daughter Frances. We called ourselves the Awe Walkers. We sometimes walked together, but mostly on our own. The picture shows the day we finished, in front of her home in West Philadelphia.

Why did I do it and why am I doing it a second time?

The first time I did it to get to my goal, finishing the challenge. I wanted to make the pandemic months, confined to my neighborhood, pass more quickly  by having a focus.  This time I am doing it to be present, awake and appreciative of every mile. This time I want to “attend the journey,” each step of the way. Not for the end, but for the process.