Anne, from Rotterdam, Netherlands, walked the Camino Portugues for the first time in 2018

In 2018 I wanted to go to Portugal and my daughter asked: ‘What are you going to do there?’ I said I didn’t know yet. She asked me: ‘why not walk the Camino Portugues?’ Yeah, why not? (I never walked a Camino in my 63 year old life). I started in Porto, walked to the airport and was already exhausted. I took the metro to the next albergue and slept very well. The weather was awful. Six days of rain. I’ve met very nice people on my way to Santiago, took the spiritual way, slept in the monastery of Almenteira and had to skip the most beautiful part of this way because of a painful knee. But the journey was fantastic and the last day to Santiago felt like flying.

The next year I started in Lisbon and wanted to walk to Porto. After 5 days I arrived in Porte de Muge and there was Paula, the host of the albergue of Quinta da Burra (which means ‘stupid house’). The quinta and the lady felt good and I stayed 5 days to help her because she was very tired. Since 2020 she did not see any pilgrim because of Covid. Camino for Good is a great fund that can help these wonderful hosts like Paula. She became a good friend. As soon as I can I will visit her again. And maybe walk the rest of the Camino Portugues…

Thanks so much for your idea of the Camino for Good. Hosts really need this!

Paula, owner of Quinta da Burra

Coincidentally, Camino for Good has already provided relief funds to Paula at Quinta da Burra! We’ve heard similar stories from other pilgrims about Paula’s kindness and hospitality. We’re honored to be able to support her through these tough times.