“Help is on the Way” are the exact words Bruno Bernoni needed to hear. Bruno’s Albergue San Bruno in Moratino’s Spain on the Camino de Santiago Frances had a tough 2020 in their 10th year. 

In order for Bruno to make the changes required by new Covid regulations (as well as keep the lights on), he had to take out a loan.  But with an 80% reduction in pilgrims visiting him, this left Bruno with a long hard winter ahead and the payments still coming due.

That’s where Camino for Good came in and sent Bruno desperately needed money to help with his struggle.  

Below are Bruno’s words as to why he became a hospitalero and what the Camino means to him.  

“After going through a rather difficult period of my life, in 2004 the Camino called me offering a vision of life from a different point of view. I repeated various Caminos in the following years until 2009 when I made the decision to change my life and dedicate myself to welcoming pilgrims by offering an Italian house.  After renovating an old house in the village of Moratinos, in the middle of the mesetas, I have dedicated myself exclusively to making the guests’ stay comfortable.  At the end of a hard stage, pilgrims find a beautiful garden where they can rest, a source where they can refresh their tired feet, the willingness to solve any problem and, last but not least, good and tasty cuisine.

2020 was truly a difficult year due to the pandemic. Despite this, we have continued to keep our spirit high, making our corner of paradise even more beautiful.
Fighting against adversity we have continued to be optimistic and to welcome the brave pilgrims with our traditional warmth and joy even if the attendance has dropped by 80% compared to previous seasons. 

Ten years have passed and the enthusiasm for having taken this decision has never left me despite the bureaucratic difficulties and the absence of aid from the Spanish state. Thanks to your help and that of many friends, we continue to be optimistic for the future. 

We will always be here waiting for you again with our enthusiasm.

Bruno and Anna”

Camino for Good sent Bruno €1,014.00, enough to cover a month of his loan payment.

These are the type of remarkable people your support is helping and we can’t thank you enough.  Bruno and all the albergues in Spain are, by nature, survivors.  We just hope to provide relief from their struggles and increase their chance of surviving.

Buen Camino

Founders of Camino for Good Co.

Meet Bruno! He will give you a tour of Albergue San Bruno