A Journey of Hope and Healing

Spring is coming – a time for renewal. This is an important time to focus inward on hope and healing and we hope you will join us on the 2nd Annual March to Santiago.

So much healing was evident in 2021 through the March to Santiago that we knew we needed to offer it again – but make it even better. This year of course we have two more routes to follow so current virtual pilgrims can re-connect with a different route (or simply resetting and starting again).

In 2021, many pilgrims from all over the world joined us on a virtual March along the Camino Frances to arrive in Santiago de Compostela in Spain for St James day celebrations. Along the way we had weekly reflections delivered by email offering the opportunity for connection and introspection.

By sharing our experiences through the Camino for Good Virtual Camino App as well as in the Camino for Good Café private Facebook group we got the support and encouragement we needed to carry on and many life long friendships are made.

How does it work?

Start where you are.  Whether you are celebrating your Lenten season, or you are seeking motivation to get healthier, or you are seeking spiritual growth and healing, we want to spend March 12 to July 30 virtually walking with you to Santiago. And every week, we’ll provide you with inspirational ideas for hope and healing.  All pilgrims currently using the app on March 12 are welcome.

Sign up or Download the app by March 12, 2021, grab some friends and get your walking shoes on. We have a blog post with tips for what you can do to get ready. On Sign up you will receive a link to a form to give us your mailing address to send your Patch and Neck Gaiter accessories to.

When we step off on March 12, the pace of a little more than 3 virtual miles (5 km) per day puts us in Santiago for the Holy Year’s Feast of St. James. This is a grand festival with music, prayer, worship and amazing sites. What better way to stay motivated?

Read more about how Camino for Good founder, Bill, discovered the Feast.

What can I expect?

Every Sunday, you will receive an email with inspirational activities to do throughout the week. Sign up HERE to opt in for emails.

Each walk you enter your mileage in the app (or by connecting to your fitness tracker) and you unlock new towns along the way to see the photos of the walk and in some places you will hear inspirational audio stories from real pilgrims.

Challenge your friends and family to join!

  • Bring your friends along on the journey with you either virtually or in person.
  • Follow each other on the app by using the group feature.
  • See where your friends are on the map.
  • Explore Spain with Google street view right there in the app

Challenge yourself to finish and achieve your personal fitness goals.

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Giving Back

Through the pilgrim’s resolve to give back, Camino for Good has donated over $74,000 USD to albergues in Spain whose businesses were hit hard by the pandemic.

As the circumstances in Spain have changed, pilgrims are walking again, profits from this venture will be directed to our grants program providing assistance for worthwhile Camino related projects including albergues still in need.

Already a Virtual Pilgrim?

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“There are so many moments that I will never forget and that I hope will be repeated very soon, we will never lose that illusion, everything will come out of it and we are doing it thanks also to your help.”
Ana Mari, Albergue Van Gogh, Zafra Spain

Do you have a Camino Story?

We’d love to hear from you!

For people to keep motivated to finish the Camino for Good Virtual Camino, we have found that hearing inspirational and real stories from pilgrims (either actual or virtual) is a great support. Stories can be heartfelt, inspirational, humorous or any combination. If you have a story you would like to share with maybe a couple of photos, it would go a long way to helping others.

Just fill out this form HERE and you’ll become a Camino for Good legend 🙂

Buen Camino

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