News for your spiritual journey.

Buen Camino Fellow Future Pilgrims! 

We wanted to share our good news and tell you about how pilgrims are sharing a “good vibe” on their spiritual journey.  This week, because of those who have joined Camino for Good’s virtual hike, we sent $500 USD each to two Albergues. We hope you might join us soon too! There is a new 5 mile/8 kilometer trial if you are on the fence.

Albergue La Casa de las Sonrisa located in Granon, Spain. You will walk thru thisvillage after about 136mi/220km on the Camino. Ernesto is the owner and has beenfor the past 10 years. They are staying open during these tough times but justbarely. His heartfelt thank you and the understanding that this money will go a longway to helping them survive really warmed our hearts. Look for a video from us ofErnesto explaining how much this helps him. Also check out Ernesto’s radio webpage and learn more about the Camino and thewonderful Albergues that support the pilgrims. www.radiocaminodesantiago.com.

Casa Susi is located in Trabadelo, Spain. You will walk thru this village in about376mi/606km. Susi and Fermin have had to close down due to COVID restrictions and the amount of money they would have had to put into their Albergue in order to bring it up to code. But, as expected, their expenses don’t stop. They felt so blessed to have our help and couldn’t have been more thankful. This is what they wrote us after receiving the money.

Dear Kelly, Lindsay, Susan, Shay and Bill,Thank you so very much we have received notification from PayPal that a transferhas been made, a blessing right now.
I am hoping you gathered when you told us how much you were transferring thatyou could see I was very emotional as I didn’t say much. This amount really makesa difference to us for the next months.
Biggest hugs and gratitude,Susi y Fermín”

Look also for a video from Susi and Fermin, from what they have teased us about it, it sounds like it is going to be fun!! These are the amazing people you are helping and you should feel great about that. Who knows, one day you might actually walk right into one of these albergues for real, have a wonderful home cooked meal, get a well earned nights rest, and meet other Pilgrims from all over the world. 

Your support could insure that Albergues like these will be ready for you when you are ready for them. Although $500 has made a big difference for these two Albergue owners we want and need to help so many more. We really encourage you to help us by reaching out to your friends and family and get them started on this amazing virtual walk for their physical and spiritual self. We would really appreciate it! In the meantime, take our trial and see all the incredible things we have awaiting you! 

Thanks Again! 

Buen Camino, Kelly, Lindsay, Susan, Shay and Bill