What motivated you to walk the Virtual Camino?  What have you enjoyed?  Did the COVID outbreak have an impact on your commitment?

A number of us planned to walk the Camino Frances in September 2020. With the pandemic we decided to delay until 2021, and then again to 2022. Here’s hoping we’ll make it in September this year!

When did you start using the Camino for Good app? How many miles do you average in a day?

So the pandemic was the determining factor to use the app. For me personally it has kept me focussed and motivated. I started using the app in December 2020. It took me over a year to walk the Camino Frances;and now I’m walking the Finisterre-Muxia section. To help me stay on track I have joined a couple of local bushwalking groups.



Buen Camino
Keith Slater