Two lifelong friends tackled the impossible, a 500-mile pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago through Spain, one pushing the other in a wheelchair. Patrick, and others, physically pushed Justin the distance. All the while, Justin pushed Patrick, mentally and emotionally, into a new world of joy and freedom.

They documented their friendship and journey in the inspiring film, I’ll Push You.

We are partnering with Patrick and Justin to offer you a virtual screening of I’ll Push You and then to attend a Live Q&A with them. Proceeds from ticket sales and all donations will directly support Camino de Santiago albergue owners. Together, our goal is to raise $21,000 to help save the albergues of Spain. 

What we’ve learned so far this year, the average albergue needs $3,000 USD to help get them through summer. Our goal is to help at least seven more albergues, and we need your help to do it. There are three ways you can help!

  1. The fundraiser begins with a virtual screening of the poignant and beautiful documentary film I’ll Push You. Purchase a ticket for $15 USD and you can view the film from April 1st through April 11th. Purchase your ticket here
  2. Donate to the albergues. When you purchase your ticket, you can also make a donation. 100% of those funds go to the albergues.
  3. Purchase the Camino for Good Virtual Camino app with either a flat rate purchase or a monthly subscription. If you purchase a ticket for the screening, you will receive a code to get a discount on the app. Camino for Good commits 75% of our net profits to albergue relief funds. 

Thank you for supporting this fundraiser to benefit the albergues of the Camino de Santiago. Click here to see videos from albergues we have helped already.

Live Q&A with Justin and Patrick

Lastly, sign up for our Camino for Good Zoom Café on Thursday, April 15th. We will be hosting two live Q&A events with with Justin and Patrick at 12 pm EDT (US) and 6 pm EDT (US). This is your chance to meet the creators of I’ll Push You and ask them anything you want!

Register for 12 pm EDT(US) here.

Register for 6 pm EDT(US) here.

Buen Camino!

Bill, Fabio, Kelly, Lindsay, Shay, Susan and Veronica