August 14 Update

We trust that you are walking, running, and/or biking along our Virtual Camino. 

We are hearing great things and thought you might enjoy:       

 Jack said:  “I am enjoying the Camino.  I had to run an extra quarter mile                            yesterday so that I could get to the next destination!”         

Lynn said:  “Hey😊!  I’m logging my miles from my watch. Love all the                                                 pic and info on each place.” 

So what is your story?  We would love to hear from you. In the meantime, the need is great. 

Here is what we heard from two of the albergue owners:  

 “we need financial help to cope with electricity, water, telephone, small maintenance and payment of taxes.””Basically to pay our bills and we will need to purchase the requirements to open next year though we very much hope the regulations will ease. We need to purchase disposable sheets, hand sanitizers that need to be Installed in 2 bathrooms, bedroom and entry also dispensers for paper towels and sanitizer mats for entry points.Masks will need to be supplied also. We have to purchase most of these through the recommended suppliers so that they are of a correct standard.”

Please share our mission, your story and your passion as we have fun, get fit, and give back. 

Sending you our appreciation and support,

Bill, Kelly, Lindsay, Shay and Susan