Sylvia Collins from Tallahassee, Florida reflects on her Virtual Camino experience

My first interest in the Camino came from watching the Facebook post of my friend Susie DePue as she and her friend walked the actual Camino in Spain.  I was drawn to her post because my husband John and I along with another couple were planning a trip to the Asturias region of Spain (where my grandfather was from) in the spring of 2020.  Well, the whole world knows how that went!
A few months later, I saw that Susie and four other pilgrims were setting up the virtual Camino for Good.  I thought that would be a perfect way to learn more about Spain, help the hostels that were shut down due to COVID-19 and a fun way to get some more exercise.

Little did I know when I started on this virtual journey that this experience would become much, much more than just a fun thing to do.  Due to a personal and very unexpected tragedy, I found that three loving and caring friends had joined me on my morning walks.  Each one taking different days to just walk with me, listen and give me the strength that I did not have at the time. God does work in mysterious ways.

My goal was to walk five days a week, 2-3 miles each day.  I was able to do that and am so thankful for the Virtual Camino for Good for being there for me as well as the friends that walked beside me.  As I near the very end, I would encourage anyone thinking about this to give it a try.  You never know what life has in store for you around the corner.

Thank you to Syliva for sharing your story with the CfG community.