It is August 1st and our Virtual Camino begins!
We are thrilled you are on this adventure with us. We have worked hard putting together a virtual experience for you – lots of Camino pictures, stories from other pilgrims, hiking tips, history of some of the towns you will “walk” through and more. We put all of this in an easy to use app for your phone. We completed the app and sent it to Apple and Android for approval. And now we wait……
The app could be live today but we just don’t know.
So, in the meantime, log your miles. I walked my 5 miles this morning and when the app is live, I will record them. Please do the same. I can’t wait for you to experience what we have compiled.
We really need your help in recruiting more Pilgrims. The more people who sign up the more we can help those 20 albergues that have requested help. Can you help in any of these ways?

  1. Invite your friends and family by forwarding this email.
  2. Share on your social media widening the circle. Buttons are below.
  3. Begin your journey on the app and share your accomplishments on social media.

We want to share with you how your registration fee is helping and how spreading the word is helping. The following hostel owners have reached out for help.
From Suzanne Swain from Casa Susi in Trabadelo, Spain:

“One word Difficult…. We are a donativo albergue. It’s our home. Everything we earn goes back into the albergue.In a regular season from April to November we make enough money to pay our bills and survive until the next season. We never thought we’d need a plan B. Who could imagine we couldn’t open our doors…”
And Santiago Lires Calo from Albergue Turístico Salceda in Salceda, Spain:“Our situation is total ruin, if there are no pilgrims we have no income or food, because the whole family worked in a hostel! We still have to pay 50% of our rent which is 1020 euro and we don’t have it”  .And from Javier Maderuelo from Albergue Camynos in Ambasmestas, Spain:

 “My establishment is closed as it is impossible to cover the opening and maintenance costs. To pay the expenses and be able to maintain the illusion of opening next year.”
Thank you for being our very first virtual Pilgrims!
Since you are the pioneers, we hope you will report any problems or provide any feedback on how we can improve. Send any correspondence to info@caminoforgood.com and we will respond!
Buen Camino,Bill, Lindsay, Kelly, Shay and Susan