Doing good… feels good!

One of the best parts of creating Camino for Good is when we can send money to hostel owners who are in desperate need. Over the past five months, with your help, Camino for Good Co. has sent $15,700 USD to albergue hospitaleros all over Spain.

Below are some of the thanks we received from these incredible people.

Albergue Van Gogh

Ana Mari

Zafra, Spain


There are so many moments that I will never forget and that I hope will be repeated very soon, we will never lose that illusion, everything will come out of it and we are doing it thanks also to your help.

La Casa de las Sonrisas

Ernesto Diaz Sobremazas

Grañón, Spain

GOD BLESS YOU. Thank you very much for your help on a really difficult day again, because today we have been confined again and we cannot leave the town, so the pandemic is lengthening and now we must be, another month with everything closed and stay at home. A MILLION thanks, my wife wants me to convey her enormous gratitude too. We will endure, we will resist, and we will go day by day, and we will take advantage of it to be able to go with what we have and your help leaving the shelter prepared for when we can return to the Camino, we hope they do not put many expensive measures with the Covid, but once it is open, sure that everything will be great. I hope to see you very soon on the way.


Casa Susi

Susi and Fermin

Trabadelo, Spain

That put a smile on our faces today!!

Thank you and gracias from the Basque man 😉 Thank you so very much for your donation to Casa Susi again, it really is very much appreciated.

We are incredibly grateful to you.

I think you saw our update regarding our region and Camino being closed until at least May 9th…it’s still a long road ahead of us and the roof situation isn’t so good either;

It never rains but it pours literally.

Albergue San Bruno

Bruno Bernoni

Moratinos, Spain

This is great, thank you! 

Dear friends,

This email of yours fills me with joy, you and your friends make us feel good. You have moved us by the strength and determination you express. Your words brought tears to my eyes, the institutions have abandoned us but you, you are fantastic! I find it hard to express our gratitude. You are giving us renewed strength and confidence for the future. It will be truly a joy to be able to hug and share a pilgrim dinner in your company whenever possible. We will be waiting for you.
Thanks thanks thanks…
A hug

Albergue a Casina di Marcello

Marcelo Ramos Einloft

Palas de Rei, Spain

Wow! it’s true!!!!  The money has arrived!  Thank you very much, thank you for real!

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Albergue Van Gogh

La Casa de las Sonrisas

Casa Susi

Albergue San Bruno

Albergue a Casina di Marcello

Save the Date – Next Camino for Good Café

You can hear from these hostel owners at our next Zoom Café on on Feb. 11th, as we invite them to share their stories and exactly what is going on in their regions right now regarding pandemic restrictions. More details to come!