Why Camino For Good?

  • Five hikers created this Virtual Camino to raise funds for albergues (Spanish hostels) along the Camino de Santiago. Many are struggling financially due to international travel restrictions.
  • We assist worthwhile pilgrims and albergue projects where we can
  • We’ve all walked Caminos before. So we understand that albergues are always there for you when you arrive at their door, dirty and exhausted after a day-long hike. Now, it’s our turn to be there for them.
  • Our goal is to send enough relief funds to albergue owners so they can cover their basic living expenses during this challenging time. Hopefully, this will give them the needed boost to be ready to reopen when hikers return.
  • Walking the Virtual Camino will inspire you physically and spiritually. Above all, you’ll know that you’re helping the Camino make it through this difficult period with each step you take.