Read stories from the Camino for Good community

The virtual experience was very rich! The web-site easy to navigate and full of wonderful content. My favorite was the Camino audio stories from pilgrims who have experienced the Camino in person. They shared personal stories via audio files, and it gave me a real sense of how diverse the Camino experience is – people from across the globe!

Betty S.Tennesee, USA

The Virtual Camino has motivated me to travel farther and with more purpose on my runs and hikes. I look forward to progressing on my journey while learning about the towns along the Camino!

Ian C.Delaware, USA

This virtual Camino, for me, has been a bridge to the one I left in 2013. It has brought the Camino home in many ways. I have been contemplating a lot as I walk, brainstorming, and figuring things out here at home while I walk virtually also in Spain. I am starting to see home a little differently now. It feels good.

I am virtually near Logroño now as I balance work and life while walking here at home in Oliver. This has been a blessing and we’re just beginning! How exciting! So, take your time, contemplate life, and enjoy the journey.

My deep-felt appreciation goes out to the five hikers who made their vision a reality and shared it with all of us. Thank you!

Tania V.British Columbia, Canada

Just started my virtual hike from St. Jean Pied de Port. So beautiful looking at the Pyrenees mountains. Pushed myself and stopped for the day at Roncesvalles. Amazing pictures, feels like I am there.

Gary B.Los Angeles, USA

Not only did [the Virtual Camino] provide a focus for my runs, it allowed me to feel like my solitary runs were actual helping someone else in a small way.

Jack A.Tennesee, USA

I have loved being part of Camino for Good Virtual Walk. I'm eager to get out and walk every day, a minimum of 3 miles per day, then come inside and review the photos and stories along the Camino. I also enjoy the weekly meditation. It's been a great experience so far. Now, we just need the pandemic to subside - I'd love to walk the real Camino some day.

Liz. G

I enjoy listening to the stories in the app. When I get to a destination, I can hear other’s real life journey. A few of the stories have been about how pilgrims experienced radical hospitality on their Camino walk. So refreshing.

Denise D.North Carolina, USA

I am walking the virtual Camino because it has always been on my bucket list to do for"real". Since COVID began I have been on a journey of getting to know myself more and what better way by walking the Camino! I love the Cafe too to be able to connect with other fellow pilgrims. Such a wonderful idea this is. I hope to do it for real someday.

Christina M.Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

I signed on mainly because I thought it was for a good cause. I am not keen on gimicky things like this app. But I played along, figuring I might as well since I've got it. And I love it. It's nice to re-connect with these places, and the app's mapping and photos, etc. is great. A friend who lives about 30 miles away, I discovered, is also doing it. She's much further along than I am, but, I might catch up to her. Who knows. And other Camino friends on Facebook are kind of following my journey. And, maybe they'll join the virtual journey too. (It's not really virtual, since we are really walking somewhere!)

Tom L.

My goal was to walk five days a week, 2-3 miles each day. I was able to do that and am so thankful for the Virtual Camino for Good for being there for me as well as the friends that walked beside me. As I near the very end, I would encourage anyone thinking about this to give it a try. You never know what life has in store for you around the corner.

Sylvia C.Florida, USA