Camino for Good Business Transparency Statement

  • Camino for Good is a ‘for profit’ public benefit corporation founded in the state of Tennessee in the United States in 2020.
  • Camino for Good is not a charity.
  • Camino for Good is pledging 75% of our net income to support albergues along the Camino who have been hit hard by COVID travel restrictions.
  • Head to the Our Impact page for the latest updates in relief fund distributions and recipients.
  • Camino for Good has an application process in place since July 2020 where albergues of Spain may apply for relief funds.
  • The founders of Camino for Good investigate each albergue, interview the albergue owners and work with them to define their monetary needs. Organizations that assist albergues have also made referrals of owners in need.
  • In the Camino for Good business plan, 25% of net income is held in capital reserve for future product development and return on investment for the founders.
  • An advantage of being a for profit company is that it allows Camino for Good to donate our proceeds to the for profit and private albergues in Spain. As a non profit we would not have the freedom to do this.
  • As a group, the principals have walked many Caminos and have a strong motivation to ‘give back’ to the establishments that provide hospitality to pilgrims.
  • You can see who the Camino for Good founders are here.
  • We are just normal, real pilgrims. We are very approachable and happy to answer any questions. We would love to chat with you via phone or zoom or email.
  • You can contact us in the first instance here.
  • Buen Camino!


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