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About the Virtual Camino app

The Camino Provides

Camino for Good supports the albergues that serve Camino pilgrims. With very few pilgrims, the pandemic leaves the hostel owners with no income. We donate 75% of our net income to these hostel owners to help them through this time of need.

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As you virtually walk the Camino de Santiago Frances, you can track your progress along a map of the Camino. Over 2,000 original photos from the pilgrimage will inspire you all the way to Santiago.

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As you walk the Virtual Camino and unlock each town, you will hear audio stories from real pilgrims around the world about everything from the decision to hike the Camino to whether or not you should  bring your spouse.

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When you sign up, you’ll be joining a growing community of like-minded, ambitious hikers and compassionate people. Within the app, you can join groups with other virtual pilgrims and follow their progress on the map too.

Legend John Brierley's wisdom

We are honored that legendary Camino guide book author John Brierly has allowed us to share his magical insights and wisdom with you.

The Camino is a connection to something that I never knew was there. Something, that in the end, helps you realize things will be okay. Might not be how you thought it would be but still okay.

This site, this virtual walk, is somehow trying to help everyone connect to that experience. For some small moment, in some small way, connect to something bigger than yourselves - the Camino, the Way. Its ambitious but why not, maybe you just might.


I love to tell people how you casually meet people on the road and how quickly you begin to care for each other.

And this includes the albergue owners and how they are open to every pilgrim and serving their needs. Think how it must be. How glorious to meet so many people who are on their journey to a better life and yet, we all walk right back out of their lives the next morning. And then they get to clean up after us dust trodden, sweaty, stinky pilgrims.


We descended the last stairs before the Cathedral with linked arms. Mixing joy, sadness, grief, exhilaration and pride, we were celebrating the forming of life long friendships. That was the moment for me when the Camino had ceased to be a long distance walk and had become my life long purpose.

I was a pilgrim for good.


Each day I woke up unsure of where I’d be resting my head that night, but still I walked toward the unknown. Although the uncertainty could feel unnerving at times, each step was supported by the faith that everything would turn out okay. I was never disappointed. Each night, I was greeted by someone with a smile, a key, and a bed.


As I approached my 70th birthday, I realized it was time to do something I had been dreaming about – it was time to Walk the Camino de Santiago. As I trained, I studied the Way and its history. Because it’s the Way of St. James, the Way of Forgiveness, I decided to use this Pilgrimage as a time to reflect on my life: to forgive myself for the mistakes I made and to acknowledge all the blessings in my life. I wanted this to be a very Spiritual journey and it was.