Apply for a Camino Dream Scholarship

Pictured here with his daughter Shaylyn, Bill Austin’s dream was that everybody would be able to have an authentic Camino Experience.

As our heartfelt legacy to Bill’s memory, Camino for Good has established a scholarship program to assist individuals to manifest Bill’s wishes.

During the pandemic, Camino for Good built an App to provide a virtual experience of the Camino for so many of us to stay connected to the community. Funds raised through the purchase of the App was used to support the Albergues that were suffering financially due to global travel restrictions. Now all the albergues have re-opened and our attention has now turned to helping individuals.

Our collaboration with the Accessible Camino initiative of Patrick and Jason authors of the the ‘I’ll Push You movie (and book) has shown us that, with the right support, anyone can experience the camino. We are here to help others to do the same for whatever support they need.

If your are in need of support, please fill out the simple form here. We will assess each application on its merits and, when funds are available, we will strive to fulfil those Camino dreams.

Read our tribute to Bill Here

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